Client: 5uenfstern

Year of Production: 2014

Agency: Elektromeier Media & Interaction GmbH

5uenfstern is an association in eastern switzerland which supports artists from around the region. In an open call artists can send in their works which are later presented in a public exhibition. During this time the artists are also requested to open their studio to the public for one weekend. Brigitte Kemman from 5uenfstern asked us realize a playfull interactive solution which should create a media buzz and motivates passengers to stop by, play around and eventually open their eyes to the diverse cultural life in our region. This exhibition also serves as a central information point for visitors to inform themselves on which artists they are interested to visit. We placed 300 paint cans, one for every artist. Visitors could view each artist’s work by dipping a paintbrush into the corresponding paint can and then brushing on the wall. This brush movement initiated the system to reveal the artist’s work.