Client: Goba AG

Year of Production: 2014

Agency: Buro Sequenz GmbH

GOBA, an innovative producer of softdrinks from Appenzell switzerland, opened its very first selling store in the Heart of the village of Appenzell, where many tourists visit for sightseeing and shopping. Goba wanted to have a playfull interactive installation in their shop, as an attraction to the their visitors. Together with Buro Sequenz and artist and illustrator Denise Weder, we created a touchscreen application which allows visitors to design their own fantasy creatures. The visiter gets to choose out of a set of different body parts to construct their own unique monster. Once the visitor is happy with their creation, they can print it out on a postcard and send it to friends by postmail. The app is designed to be very user friendly. Due to the flexibility of the interface design it allows participants to create an endless spectrum of creatures.