Client: Migros Kulturprozent

Year of Production: 2010

Agency: Habegger AG / Schmauderrohr GmbH

The Migros Swiss supermarket chain celebrated their 100 year anniversary by creating a public display pavillion in Rüschlikon Zurich, the hometown of it’s founder, Gottlieb Duttweiler. Inside this exhibition, visitors can interact with the displays using simple hand gestures as they learn about and explore the rich history of Migros and its products. Our contribution to this dynamic installation was to realize the technical solution for the main exhibits of the pavillion. We designed a tangible media table in the center of the room where we invented the hardware & software. We additionally concieved the hardware for the main wall’s installation where we created a virtual product shelf consisting of 24 full hd displays that are synchronized into one integrated display with a 9600 x 4200 resolution.