Client: Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG

Year of Production: 2016

Agency: Elektromeier Media & Interaction GmbH

Regent Responsive Light Bots

Exhibitions, Prototyping, Robotics, Technical Realisation

Regent AG, a swiss company offering lighting solutions, asked us to realize a futuristic light concept for their booth at the Light & Building fair 2016 in Frankfurt Germany. They asked for a celing light which could follow or lead a person through the building. We devised a solution of wheeled robots which hang upside down on the ceiling by using strong neodyme magnets.

Within just six months we realised an actual working prototype. We innovated many novel techniques including: a positioning system for the robots, a tracking system for poeple entering the room, a collision avoidance between the robots (imagine they crash and fall down exactly above the persons they follow) and the mechanical case of the robot and its electronics and firmware. The robots comunicate wirelessly to each other to exchange their own position and get the poeple’s position from a central tracking computer. As a result the robots can move freely, safely and well orchestrated around the ceiling.