Client: internal project

Year of Production: 2007

Agency: internal project

Sportpong is an interactive physical computer game. A field is projected on the floor where two or more players can fight in teams against each other. With a paddle on each foot, you hit the ball to the goal or to defend your goal. Reactivity is not enough to let you win, geometric appreciation and teamplay are also required. Sportpong is an entertaining social game. With its fascinating interface, the computer game inspires young and old spectators to become active players. Fighting with passion for points, beginners become professional players within just minutes.

Physical gaming

The setting is very simple: a reflector on each foot is the only physical tool to interact with Sportpong. The interface is integrated in the field which is projected on the floor. The players control the game with their feet, nothing else. This control is intuitive, physically accurate, very direct and a lot of fun!

Two teams are staged on the field on opposing sides. The aim is to get points by shooting the ball to the wall of the competitor. The score is visible in the center of the field. The team reaching ten ponts first is the winning team.

Your personal Sportpong

With a very few modifications the layout of the game can be changed: colors, pictures, sounds can be customized and even special effects can be created. Sportpong as an marketing tool offers a lot of possibilities: Hire Sportpong for company events, fairs, shows and customize it to your brand.


Sportpong has its own website. Check it out here.